Beer Available all year


Celtic Ale - Irish Ale 5% ABV, 23 IBU

 Our flagship brew, Long Ireland Celtic Ale is the classic example of a traditional Irish-style ale. Brewed with 4 different malts, flaked oats, and honey, it has a smooth dry finish with just the right amount of Willamette hops. 


Balor IPA - Citra IPA 6.6% ABV, 62 IBU

 In Irish mythology, Balor is known as a giant with an eye in the middle of his forehead which wreaks destruction when opened. Take on this giant flavored single-hopped Citra IPA, if you dare. 


Mos Def -Mosiac IPA 6.2% ABV, 72 IBU

The perfect duet of Mosiac and Centennial hops combine for a juicy IPA with tropical flavors and aromas bursting with tangerine and papaya. Not just a rappers delight, Mos Def is sure to strike a chord with just about anyone's tastes.


Raspberry Wheat 5% ABV, 19 IBU

Our first summer seasonal beer that's only grown in popularity over the years, Raspberry Wheat is light bodied with just a hint of raspberry for a crisp and refreshing finish.


Polish Town Pilsner 5.5 ABV, 24 IBU

This beer was originally brewed to celebrate the rich, tight -knit Polish history of our neighborhood in Riverhead, Polish Town Pilsner is bright and medium bodied with just the right amount of malt sweetness to balance the crisp, dry , German Noble hop finish.

Seasonal Beers


Winter Ale (Nov - Feb) 7.2% ABV, 35 IBU

What we think is the perfect belly warmer for the holidays, our Winter Ale is brewed with 5 different malts, and 3 hop varieties for a deep, ruby red spiced ale with plenty of body. It's just right for a chilly winter night. Or day, or anytime, really. 


Hooligan Irish Stout (Jan - Apr) 4.8 % ABV, 42 IBU

Think of Hooligan as a rowdy, in your face version of the traditional dry Irish stout you grew up with. Notes of coffee, chocolate, and roasted grain will punch you square in the nose before the light malt, subtle smoke and slightly dry , bitter finish takes over. It will quickly become your go-to stout that you might not bring home to Mom.


Beach, Please (Apr - Sep) 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU

From backyard barbeques to the beach, our crisp refreshing golden ale brewed with Pacific Northwest hops and lemon peel is the perfect liquid sunshine to adjust any attitude. 


Pumpkin Ale (Sep - Nov) 5% ABV, 22 IBU

Real pumpkin and a blend of spices lend  Fall flavors and aromas balanced by caramel and smokey malts to this seasonal favorite. We've heard people say it's scary good, see for yourself!


Oktoberfest (Sep - Nov) 5 ABV, 35 IBU

Malty, but not too sweet, with a distinct dry finish, our Marzen is a classic take on a traditional Autumn celebration lagerbier. Oktoberfest may have originally been for the crown Prince of Bavaria, but ours is brewed for average Joe's to pair well with just about any food of the season.


Chocolate Porter (Nov - Feb) 5.8% ABV, 34 IBU


Delectably deep black in color, our American-style porter has decadent aromatics to overwhelm the nose, while rich, dark chocolate flavors linger in the finish with a silky, smooth mouthfeel. It's truly a chocolate lover's  dream come true.